Roadside Assistance To The Rescue

Every Noblr policy has you covered. 

We've all been there. You got a decent night's sleep, you've managed to leave for work a few minutes early -- you're even having a solid hair day. That's when you get to your ride and your stomach sinks into your shoes: you've locked your keys in your car. Again!

Not to worry, if you're a Noblr member. Even the most responsible drivers occasionally get speed bump-ed by life. That's why every Noblr policy comes with roadside assistance. Our members not only enjoy car insurance rates tailored to how they drive, they cruise with peace of mind knowing we've got their backs.

Noblr roadside assistance has you covered up to three times in your 6-month policy term for the times you:

Need a Tow

When your car won't go, you need a tow from a pro.

Have a Flat Tire

Nobody enjoys swapping a flat for a spare. Safely skip the hassle and leave it to the experts.

Run Out of Gas

Didn't notice your low fuel light?

Have Dead Car Battery

If you need a jump, we'll hop to it.

Locked Yourself Out

It's no good to be on the outside looking in. Get reunited and feel so good.

How to use it:

  1. Tap “Assistance” at the bottom of the Noblr app home screen
  2. Tap the “Call Roadside Assistance” button
  3. Follow the steps
  4. Get help
  5. Get on with your day (or night)

If you can’t access the Noblr app, call 415-896-6256 anytime to be connected with someone who will help.

Not yet a Noblr member? Get a quote today to find out how much responsible driving can save you.