Red, Red Rocks

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Love Colorado's majestic natural vistas? Love live entertainment? Then this edition of The Noblr Navigator covering Red Rocks Park will be music to your ears (and eyes).

Truly Formative

Located just a baker's dozen or so miles southwest of Denver, Red Rocks Park is a Denver Mountain Park stocked with rocky formations and hike-able trails.

Open between one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, the trails predominantly cater to shorter pedestrian hikes, although The Red Rocks Trail allows horseback riding and mountain biking throughout its 6-mile loop.

Fires and camping are prohibited at all times, as are glass bottles, hunting, fireworks, firearms, rock climbing, and leash-less pets. What's not prohibited, however, is fun!


Nestled inside the park between jutting rock formations is the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Serving up live music and entertainment since 1941, the naturally acoustically sound amphitheater consists of a large stage and ample stadium-style seating. There's enough room for every kind of entertainer from EDM DJs to stand-up comedians to world-famous rappers to sprawling orchestras. Attendees can even take in not-quite-drive-in movies at the park.

Are You Red-y To Rock?

Denver residents don't have to go far to enjoy the sights, and sometimes sounds, of Red Rocks Park. Under average traffic conditions, it's about a half and hour drive from downtown via either US-6 W or I-70, respectively.

At that distance, Noblr members attending a late night concert who want to avoid an even later night commute can easily take an Uber or Lyft between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. to secure a ridesharing service credit.

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