Noblr: Now In Texas

Smart car insurance where the prairie sky is wide and high.

Welcome Texans! We've officially launched in Lone Star State, and we're ready to cover qualified drivers from Houston to Beaumont -- and beyond.

Fun fact: Did you know that even though Texas is the second-largest state in America, it's topped by the most public roads by, well, a metaphorical mile? As of 2017, drivers could cruise some 314,319 miles of public pavement. That's further than the distance from Earth to the moon!

With so much potential driving ahead of you on your home turf alone, we're pleased to offer you real-time monthly insurance rates based on how much and how smart you drive. All you need is your smartphone, the Noblr app, and a policy. From there, you drive your rate as you drive across any number of starred states.

Ready to start driving your own rate? Get a quote now.

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