Carhenge Ahoy!

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This summer the Noblr Navigator has shown you a selection of Colorado's best hiking and biking spots, plus some of its most altitudinous drives. Now it's time for something completely different: Alliance, Nebraska's pop art triumph, Carhenge!

Yes, Like Stonehenge But With Cars

Carhenge is what it sounds like -- a more or less scale replica of England's Stonehenge constructed from 38 cars painted a stone-y gray.

While the mysterious Stonehenge dates back some 2,000-3,000 years, Carhenge was completed by Jim Reinders with help from his friends and family in 1987 in memory of his father.

The official Carhenge website denies that the roadside attraction is "a temple for sun worship, a healing centre, a burial site or perhaps a huge calendar?" as its ancient inspiration may have been. Carhenge's official purpose is to simply provide visitors with fun. And what's more fun than a free attraction (donations are welcome) that's open year-round during daylight hours? It's just waiting for your Instagram stories!

The Pilgrimage

Located on relatively flat farmlands, Carhenge is tough to miss no matter which direction you drive from. Punch "2151 Co Rd 59, Alliance, NE 69301" into your phone's GPS and you'll be there in just around four hours if you're coming from Denver via I-76 E and the Gold Rush Byway.

Wait, There's More

Carhenge isn't the only piece of pop art on the site. In recent years, the recycled automobile attraction has been joined by several other metal marvels in its surrounding Car Art Reserve.

Reinders' second largest installation visually interprets Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi's 18th century violin concerti, "The Four Seasons," via a smattering of colorfully-painted car skeletons. If you're familiar with Nebraska's farming cycle, it may just be music to your... eyes.

You can also take in Canadian artist Geoff Sandhurst's spawning, spray painted salmon, among other inspired retoolings of expired motor vehicle components.

Lest you leave empty handed, you can shop The Pit Stop Gift Shop for souvenirs on site all summer. Or you can hop over to the nearby Knight Museum and Sandhills Center to snag Carhenge memorabilia.

Before You Go…

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