Steering Towards the Sky - Durango to Telluride

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If you’re into hiking and biking, we've got two terrific Southwestern Colorado towns to visit this spring. Durango, home to Purgatory Resort and the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train, is a great base for cycling down the slopes, riding the rails, and taking in lots of live music. Telluride, well-known as the best ski town in the U.S., has a ton to offer outside of ski season, particularly the Telluride Film Festival at the end of summer (though that still seems like a long way away!)

Let’s take a look at two ways to get from Durango to Telluride, and how your driving on each can influence your insurance premium with Noblr.


Heading north via the small town of Dolores on Colorado State Highway 145 is the slightly shorter option, both because of distance and terrain. (In the autumn, there are lots of opportunities to spot fall colors along this route, especially with the abundance of Aspen trees.)

If road conditions are good and you don’t have to brake a lot (assuming you’re not distracted by the scenery), you’d pay as little as $2.40 for this trip.*

However, let’s say you’re hungry after a long day of hiking. You’re trying to give your partner your phone to find someplace to stop along the way. All of this results in your being distracted-- pumping the brakes as you drive and fumbling with your phone. That kind of driving could drive your price for this trip up to $4.30 or potentially even more.

If you’re distracted, pull over—no matter where or when you’re driving. (Easier said than done when it comes to being hungry, we know.) Avoiding distracted driving is worth it in terms of insurance costs and most important, your safety.

Via Silverton & Ouray/US 550 – Approximately 120 miles

Even into spring, parts of this route are often closed because of the high elevation, snowfall, and/or risk of avalanches. Be sure to check conditions before setting out!

However, it’s definitely worth it when the roads are open. This route takes you into some of the most breath-taking scenery in Colorado. Silverton, a popular base for adventure skiing, is an old mining town with some quirky shops and tasty eateries. Ouray, also along this route, is a charming town with hot springs you can take a dip in anytime of year.

If road conditions are good and you drive during the day, the cost for this journey would be as low as $2.60-- not too much more than the other trip, as the routes are pretty close in mileage.

However, let’s say you’re someone who’s afraid of heights, making you brake sharply on the really narrow (and we mean narrow!) mountain passes. Because of this, let’s also say that you take a bit longer on this trip, extending the last 20 miles of your drive into Telluride to much later in the evening when it’s really dark out, past 11pm. This could increase the cost for this journey to $4.70 or more.

Aside from cost considerations, if you are afraid of heights, we recommend that you either find another driver if you want to take the Ouray route to Telluride or just stick with the nice drive through Dolores. Take it from the Noblr Navigator – we know from experience! 


Obviously, the shorter the distance you drive, the lower your insurance rate should be. Noblr’s rates are based on your mileage, but we also take other factors, like how well you’re driving, into account. That way, we can reward good drivers like you for making smart choices.

When you’re thinking about getting from point A to point B— especially during spring’s dynamic weather in mountain areas—consider road conditions and your ability to manage those as a driver. Even if you’re a great driver, for example, driving at night during any time of year carries an increased risk with it. That’s why your insurance costs go up if you drive in the wee small hours. Similarly, if you know that aspects of a route might make you nervous—meaning you brake sharply and at a much higher frequency than required—this is also a factor in your insurance premium.

Well, at least it is with Noblr. That’s because the precision technology in our app helps you see how you’re driving so you can improve what you’re doing on future trips. You’ll save on car insurance by being better informed, but most important, you and our roads will be that much safer.

Now, let’s get out there and strive for some peak experiences….

*The prices shown here are estimates, based on data generated based on the following: a male driver who’s 31 years old with no accidents or violations, with good credit and more than 5 years of continuous prior insurance. Your price will vary based on how you actually drive and other factors unique to you.