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How do I log in to the Noblr app?

To log in, purchase a policy and become a Noblr member at Noblr.com. Next, download the Noblr app on your iOS or Android smartphone. After you’ve installed the Noblr app, open it, and tap “Log In” on the welcome screen.

Next, follow prompts to enable location and motion settings on your device. Location and motion settings must be set to “Always Allow” so that you can log trips accurately in the Noblr app and get your personalized rate. To update your settings, go to Settings, tap Location, and choose “Always Allow”.

Additionally, iOS Motion & Fitness must also be enabled to log trips and drive your rate. Please allow access to receive an accurate rate. To update your settings, go to Settings, tap Motion & Fitness, and choose “Allow”.

Follow the instructions and you’ll be ready to drive your monthly rate with the Noblr app.

How do I log in additional drivers?

All drivers on a Noblr policy need to download the Noblr app on their iOS or Android smartphones and log in to start their membership and drive their own rate.

To have each driver join, The Primary Driver needs to send an invitation link from the Noblr app to each additional driver’s iOS or Android smartphone. First, tap “Settings”, then “Additional Drivers”, then follow instructions to enter their additional driver’s contact information, then tap “Send Invitation”.

The additional driver should tap the received link, then tap “Set Up Your Phone”, enter their information, tap “Continue”, then log in to the Noblr app. Once logged in, the additional driver should finish by following prompts to enable motion and location settings.

Finished? Now you’re ready to drive your rate with Noblr.

What driving criteria impacts my rate?

Our app scores your trips in real-time, to earn you rewards and save you money.
How? By teaming up with the technology that’s already in your phone to calculate your:

How much you drive —
driving less saves you more
How hard you
accelerate and brake
Not handling your phone while driving —
hands-free mounts and functions are your friend
Road Choice
Highway vs. city streets —
highway driving > city streets
Time of Day
When you drive — avoid driving late at night
and into the wee hours of the morning

Strive for higher scores and earn savings every time you drive.

What do you do with my data?

Noblr collects data about how and how much its members drive because they have chosen to share it with us via their phones. We work with technology partners to help us do the math that gives you the best possible rate.

Read our full Privacy Policy.

What are Noblr Rewards?

We offer Noblr Rewards on top of standard discounts. You could benefit if you:

  • Buy a policy today
  • Pay the fixed part of your premium in full
  • Renew your policy at the end of your 6-month term

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