A letter to Noblr members from our CEO

A letter to Noblr members from our CEO

Hi, Noblr member!

I am writing to you during these unprecedented and uncertain times to thank you for your membership and remind you why you chose to become a Noblr member in the first place.

You may be hearing about car insurance companies who are giving refunds, primarily in the form of credits, to some of their customers. You may be wondering why Noblr is not copying these companies. The answer is quite simple–at Noblr we don’t take the money from you for not driving in the first place. In all times, not just during the COVID-19 crisis, the variable portion of your rate is composed of factors that include how much you drive. So if you are not driving much, or not driving at all, your rate will be lower.

We applaud our industry colleagues for returning some of the premium they are collecting during this time of far fewer miles being driven. We still think the more fair, more transparent approach is to have rates that reflect your driving, or lack of driving, in real time that match your individual driving trends each and every month.

We founded Noblr on the belief that membership in this company would be built around, and for, policyholders who wanted to be empowered to create a community of like-minded safe and responsible drivers with fair rates that each member helps drive.

The Noblr team, and you as its members, are working together to change the way we think about driving and insurance. We look forward to a long relationship with you and the other smart, responsible drivers of Noblr, during the good times and the bad.

We wish you and your loved ones safety and health.

Gary Tolman
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder