Sky Driving: The Highest Paved Roads In Colorado 

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Photo c/o: Milan Suvajac

When it comes to Colorado, there's driving on highway roads, and then there's driving on way-high roads. Thanks to its world-renowned Rockies, Colorado is home to some of the most altitudinous drivable destinations on Earth! Here's what you can expect to encounter if you're already planning (and properly prepared) to take on some tall trips this summer.

1. Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Standing tall at 14,130 feet at its highest point, Mount Evans Scenic Byway is a 28-mile stretch for experienced drivers seeking high altitude with just enough attitude.

Automobile adventurers can find Mount Evans Scenic Byway in Colorado's Clear Creek County at the I-70 and State Highway 103 junction. Though it starts off flat, things ramp up quickly. Be prepared for wind-y roads, but most of all natural beauty. Loads of lakes and a fount of forests dot the landscape, making for majestic photo ops. Just check the weather before you make the trek -- while the byway typically opens after Memorial Day and remains drivable until around October, it's prone to wet weather conditions.

2. Pikes Peak

Since its construction in 1915, Pikes Peak has attracted view-hungry visitors from around the globe. With its relative proximity to Colorado Springs, it's a manageable cruise for natives and tourists alike.

The scenic 19-mile stretch zigs and zags to a height of 14,115 feet during the snow-free summer months, when motorists can fully take in the surrounding timberline, lakes, and of course, peaks.

3. Bonus: Trail Ridge Road

It's not the tallest road on the list at a "mere" 12,209 feet at its crest, but the sufficiently paved Trail Ridge Road is still an abundantly scenic 38-mile stretch between Colorado's Estes Park and Grand Lake.

As with many mountain drives, be prepared for the possibility of snow, even on the sunniest summer days. Weather permitting, it's a stretch that can warm you up to even higher altitude drives like Pikes Peak and Mount Evans Scenic Byway.

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*High altitudes can cause driving and other difficulties for some people. Only you and your doctor can decide if high-altitude driving conditions are safe for you.