Cano's Castle Pedals To Scrap Metal

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Photo by psyberartist on Flickr

Colorado is known for its natural majesty, but that doesn't mean its pop art scene is any less… okay, maybe majestic isn't the right word, but it's still interesting. Think Nebraska's Carhenge is a triumph of American curiosity? Wait until you see Antonito, Colorado's Cano's Castle.

Scrap Metal Stronghold

Standing at the corner of State St & E 10th Ave in Antonito, Colorado, Cano's Castle is a triumph of recycling. An evolving series of structures consisting of (among other things) beer cans, hubcaps, and other scrap metal, Cano's Castle has been evolving into its current castle-y form since the 1980s.

Cano himself is a bit of an enigma, who apparently lives off the grid and received his castle construction mandate from a higher power. His castle is free to look at and take photos of from outside, but interior tours are not offered as it is a private residence.

A Southerly Sojourn

Sitting a mere 6.4 miles miles north of the New Mexico border by road, most Coloradoans will be cruising squarely southbound to Cano's Castle. Those driving from the Denver metro can expect to spend about 4 hours and 15 minutes or so along I-25 S, US-160 W, and a few more turns before arriving at the majestic metal-coated masses.

Before You Go

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