We think it's all well and good that insurance companies say they're saving you money but even better to actually work together to save you money by using some pretty whiz bang technology.

In our changing world, Noblr welcomes all who want to be a force for positive change, one road at a time. Founded by people with extensive experience in both insurance and technology, we had some pretty good insight into how insurance could do a better job rewarding good drivers for doing what they do best: making smart decisions on our roads.

For starters, we know that good drivers pay too much for insurance. Better drivers can get much better rates when your price is based on when, where, how well, and how much you drive. That's where the tech comes in! Unlike most other companies, we can help you get the right rate based on what you're actually doing, all courtesy of your smartphone and our handy app. With Noblr, you can also see how to drive even better to drive your rates even lower. (We know good drivers never rest on their laurels!)

So why "Noblr?" There are quite a few sayings that allude to the fact that “noble is the word, but nobler still, the deed.” If you’re actually doing the deed of being a good driver, we think you’re a pretty noble person.

You might not have thought about yourself like that, but if you’re being cautious on the road, you’re looking out for other people. If you're not leaning on the horn in traffic, you've made our roads a bit less stressful. If you’re driving a little less, and biking or taking public transportation when you can, you’re also making the world a little less smoggy and a bit more healthy.

We think all of that’s pretty noble. In fact, you might just be a Knight (or Warrior Princess) of the Road.

Or as we like to say, you're a Noblr driver. 


Noblr wants to create friendlier, safer roads for everyone by building a community of responsible drivers, or as we like to call them, Noblr members. By rewarding our members' good driving habits, we believe that Noblr can help smart people make even smarter decisions when it comes to getting around – wherever, however, and whenever.

We could talk about how Noblr is a new kind of car insurance company that uses the latest technology to provide a frictionless quote-to-claim experience, but we prefer to focus on how we can help people get safely and economically from point a to point b.

Together with our members, we can drive better, and make our world a little better in the process.

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