Welcome to Noblr!

We’re happy you’re here and want to welcome you to Noblr. Here’s a message from our CEO & Co-founder, Gary Tolman.

Happy New Year! To ring in 2019, we are introducing our new car insurance company to responsible drivers like you. We’re Noblr, and we have a hunch that you’re Noblr too.

If you’re like us, your time’s at a premium and you want to spend it on things that matter most to you. If you’re like us, you think that your hard-earned money shouldn’t be spent on insurance premiums that don’t reward you for the way you actually drive. If you’re like us, you care about our communities-- wanting roads to be safer and the air a little cleaner.

That’s why we’ve been working to create Noblr—a company that supports a community of responsible drivers who create a virtuous circle: good drivers earn rewards that lead to more good driving which, ultimately, drives a greater good.

Our intuitive app will help you make your good driving even greater, driving your premiums lower, based on how much, how well, and when you drive. The longer you stay with us, you could also unlock rewards beyond just lower premiums. That’s because we’ve set up our company in a way that aligns our interests with the interests of our customers. (If you’d like to know how a reciprocal exchange works, you can learn more here.)

And that’s where good drivers like you come in. If you live in the State of Colorado, give us a test drive today. (We wanted our initial run to be a “peak” experience so we picked a mountain state.) If you’re a good driver in another part of the country, please leave us your info so we can get in touch when we launch in your state.

Wherever you drive, however you go, we’d love to work with you in making the world a little Noblr.

On behalf of the whole Noblr team, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy 2019.

Best regards,